We all have important values and ideas, things we care about and want to share. Safe Haven Horse Rescue has changed the lives of many neglected and abused horses and will continue to change many lives with the help of those who care. We can save so many lives through hope, love, and hard work. We want people to know that they CAN make a difference no matter how little they give. Whether you are young or just young at heart, there are opportunities for everyone to join in and expand their hearts and lives while helping these precious, helpless horses.

Safe Haven Horse Rescue is located in Northern California in the beautiful town of Cottonwood which is about 16 miles south of Redding. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operating solely by the hard working hands of volunteers who are dedicated to the care of abused and neglected horses.  There are numerous horses that are living a life of abuse and neglect.  Here at Safe Haven, our goal is to offer these broken creatures another chance at a happy, healthy life full of love and joy. While we have many wonderful hopes and dreams for Safe Haven and the horses that call it home, we have limited funds and space.  Being a non-profit, no kill, organization, these horses rely purely on the kindness and generosity of equine lovers through volunteering your time, donations, adoptions and fundraisers. We invite you to come and meet the horses of Safe Haven Horse Rescue.

Buddy's New Beginning...

Linda Richards, President and Founder of Safe Haven went to go pick up a horse in the outskirts of Red Bluff. She had been called about a really skinny horse that needed to be rescued. What she found was so sad! A horribly thin 20 to 22 year old Arabian gelding named Buddy who weighed just 515 pounds!
After the owners agreed to signing him over to Safe Haven, Linda backed the trailer up and Buddy trotted over and right into the trailer! Buddy knew an angel when he saw one!
Very concerned about his health, she took him immediately to the veterinarians for tests. The vet said that all looked good except that he is so terribly thin. His owners had been giving him hay and water, but obviously could not take care of him properly.
Arriving to the ranch and into the arms of the volunteers at Safe Haven, Buddy was given a good
medicinal bath, lots of love and started on the right nutrition and Linda's "magic mush" to start the process of bringing him back to a healthy weight of nearly 1,000 pounds. "It takes possibly six months to one year for Buddy to recover from his extreme starvation, but at least he's safe now and will never face hunger again." said Linda, who has been rescuing horses since 1995.
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Give the Gift of Sponsorship

Give a gift of love...Give the gift of Sponsorship of a horse at Safe Haven Horse Rescue! 100% of the proceeds goes to help feed and care for the horses!!

For a minimum of $65, we will email you a printable Certificate of Sponsorship (with pictures of Buddy) to you in honor of your family member's, family or coworkers name.

Make your donation of $65 or more at http://safehavenhorserescue.org/index.php/donations/donations.html Give us instructions in the "comment" box that you would like a Sponsorship Certificate as well as how you would like the reciever and givers name listed. Make sure you include the email you would like it sent to.

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